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Story Antics is a marketplace for self-published/independent children's physical books for ages 0-12 years.  The goal is to have the widest range of children's books from authors across the world, those books that have been written and yet may not have been seen yet, due to various reasons.  Don't worry, here you can display your book to the world!

Selling books on Story Antics can be hugely beneficial for authors. Setting up an account is free and easy and you get instant access to vast numbers of potential customers.  Just incase you aren't sure a marketplace is...
    1. An online store where there are many sellers and buyers trading through one website (like Ebay, Etsy, Airbnb, Amazon and lots more)
    2. Buyers are able to purchase products directly with multiple Authors without leaving the website


Marketplaces are becoming more and more popular
Whenever people buy online, they will often go to an online marketplace, for example, the big ones are Ebay, Etsy etc.  This is because there is lots of choice and everything is in one place.

You get instant access to potentially millions of customers
As mentioned before, whenever you start selling your books on a marketplace you will automatically have access to all our customers — without having to spend lots of money and time on marketing.

You benefit from the reach of the marketplace
No one might know your books but in a marketplace setting, you can be discovered. You don’t need to convince people to come to your actual website.

You gain an instant level of trust
By selling on a marketplace you benefit from all our marketing and brand-building expenses. People trust Story Antics so they will automatically also trust you.

You don’t need a separate website
By selling on Story Antics you can dip your toe in the waters of e-commerce without being forced to make financial investments into the set-up, design and marketing of your own online shop.

Starting is quick and simple
Story Antics will take care of much of the hassle of selling online for you: design, hosting, processing of orders, financial transaction fees — you save a lot of time and money.

It's an additional marketing channel 
When you already have a strong name or you just want to get your name out a little more, Story Antics is the perfect place to get people interested in your books.

You gain access to new audiences
Thanks to the prevalence of marketplaces, you will find a lot of different types of people browsing them. So you can break out of your niche and sell to people who might otherwise never have known you

You put your book up on the site along with images, a description and a bit about you the author and your illustrator.  We manually approve all Authors and books uploaded just to check that everything looks good, but don't worry we are speedy!  Usually, it is way less than 24 hours to get your account and book approved.  The thing is that we WANT you to look good, we want to check and make sure that you have images and text because it will help sell your book.  If you are finding this tricky, then do get in touch so we can help.

When you put your book on Story Antics you decide the price and you decide how much shipping is and where you ship to.  We like shipping to be a flat rate or free if possible, it just helps persuade customers to buy.  You can choose all that in your Author dashboard.  There are options for local and international shipping, we recommend that local is free, and you add on a few $s to the price to make it free, and have an extra charge for international shipping.

Once your book is up and you have sold a copy you will be emailed with the customer's details and you are responsible for packing and sending your book to the customer.  

When you get an Author account on Story Antics it comes with a page about you along with all your books.  Like a free mini-website, you can send customers to this page to buy your books.  You can even pop up a photo of yourself and a banner about your book/s.

We promote the website globally using Facebook, Google ads, Blogs, PR, Email newsletters and more to drive customers to the site to tell them all about your wonderful books.  We want people to visit to find a new read.

As a self-published author myself, I know how expensive, time-consuming, annoying, frustrating it can be to try and find buyers.  You have written a wonderful book which to everyone you show says "oooh I'd buy that" and yet the sales aren't coming.  At Story Antics you pay NOTHING, ZERO, $0 to list your book, you only incur a cost if you sell a book, and then we all celebrate!!  We take 10% commission of the price of your book (excluding shipping), so if your book price is $20 we get $2 and you get $18 - win-win.  Just a side note the site currency is USD, so if you are based somewhere with another currency you will need to adjust your price.

We use Paypal to pay you, this means that you will be paid at the start of each month for all the books you sold the previous month straight into your Paypal account - super easy.

Loving what you are reading?  Head over to our Author Registration page and get started, just think this time tomorrow you could have orders flooding in!  Please note that by listing on our site you agree to our Author Terms and Conditions listed here.  Still got questions, there are more FAQs below...


Can I still sell on other sites?
Yes.  Story Antics is just another sales channel.  We don't lock you into anything.

Who sends out the books?
You do, the author, we send you the order and you send it to the customer.

What if I only want to sell in one country?
You can set up the shipping to only allow sales for one or two or however many countries you want.

Can I manage my book inventory through the site?
Yes, you can choose to do this, just enter in the number of copies you have,  You can also set your book not to show if you have none in stock.

What if I want to remove my book from the site?
No problem, you can remove your book whenever you want.

Can I just put a link to my website for people to buy the book?
No, the site is designed to make it easy for customers to shop from a huge number of authors all in one place.  For example, they could add books from 4 different authors to their cart and pay as one transaction.

Do you check my listing?
Yes, every author and book listing is checked and we will contact you if there are important pieces of information missing.

Can I sell my books if I am independently published?
Yes, as long as you can mail your books out to customers you can add them to the site.

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